11 March 2006

The Grease Trap - If You Could Hie to Kobol

Not surprisingly the finale of Battlestar Galactica was the best thing on TV this week, and frankly, too good for the rest of the floating chum broadcast into out livingroom this week. Dr. Baltar really mucked things up big time. Not only did he become president of the colonies, but his nuclear warhead destroyed Cloud -9, he inadvertently allowed the cylons to find the fleet, and he surrendered to them like a veritable cheese eating surrender monkey. This was a phenomenal episode of Galactica, deserving of its extra 30 minutes. I just can't believe the show won't be back until October. I know this show loves being depressing and placing the characters in hopeless situations, but the prospects have never seen more grim. I can't wait to see what is in store for season 3.

On the flip side, a show that definitely sluiced right through the trap was ABC's new comedy Sons & Daughters. It was pitched as the next Arrested Development. Now why would you try and sell a show as being like another show that just got cancelled? Although, I admit, the campaign did get me to watch. Also, Sons & Daughters did have an AD vibe to it, but I finally figured out what was "off" about the show. I NEVER laughed. Looks like Sons & Daughters will be the next AD, as I suspect exile from the airwaves can't be far away.


Bunny Dee said...

I really agree, the finale of BG was brilliant indeed... Although now we have to wait until the next season to see what happens next... But, oh well, that's what series are for ;)

As for that Sons and Daughters thingy, I really haven't felt drawn to it yet... For all we know the internet hype around Arrested Development and the fact that "they're both set around family themes" is what made them think it'd be a good idea to sell it that way...

(Just added your blog to my RSS feed list btw, good thing you dropped by mine)

Chip Chief said...

i wonder if in season 3, there will be a lot of flashbacks to fill in some of the missing time. i would love to see more about the chief and cally, and also about helo and sharon.

also, my one gripe in the finale was that they didnt really do gina justice. why did she kill herself?

Dark Tyler said...

Man, I was saying the same thing elsewhere-- Sons & Daughters failed to make me laugh. I mean, not even once! Comic genius doesn't come by that easy, AD can rest assured that there won't be another show like it anytime soon.

Oh and, having just seen the numbers of S&D, I won't be surprised if it's cancelled by the end of the month.

Chip Chief said...

i just checked the numbers for last nights Sons and Daughters as well. i was quite thrilled that they were crappy. ABC cancelled emily's reasons why not after 1 episode, i think its time for the axe to fall on S&D too.