25 March 2006

The Grease Trap - Mononoke Hime

This was a pretty sad week for new shows. But this evening, a redemption for the ol' boob tube took place as Princess Mononoke aired on The Cartoon Network as part of a "Month of Miyazaki." This is one of my absolute favorite movies. It has gorgeous animations, a beautiful score, and it makes you think. It was also nice to see some blood and dismembered limbs on TV for a change. A review will be upcoming in my Disappearing Ink feature, but for now just let me say this was far and away the best thing on this week.

The second best program I watched was the unaired episode Trash from the way too short Firefly series. While I watched it on DVD, it's still technically a TV show. This episode features the return of Saffron and a neat little heist. If you have not seen Firefly, find a way! It may take a couple of episodes to win you over, but it will win you over. If you are interested I will lend you the DVD.


j said...

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one reading your posts, but I'm sure there are a lot of silent readers here.

That said, I'd be interested in checking out Firefly, although it might take some more convincing before I give anime a shot.

BTW, how does the film Serenity fit in with Firefly? Is it basically a feature film featuring the same characters? Or something else?

Chip Chief said...

When most people think of anime, they imaine pink and blue haired school girls with miniskirts and giant eyes or enormous fighting robots. Fortunately, the kind of anime I like has none of those elements. Usually, they have themes about nature, war, and spirituality. But to the uninitiated, any Miyazaki film you watch would probably be the strangest thing you have ever seen.

As for Serenity, it is essentially season 2 of Firefly condensed into 2 hours. The scope and budget are bigger than that of the tv show, but all of the main characters are in it. One does not have to see the series first, but the movie probably won't make sense if she has not.