07 March 2006

If I Were an Oscar Meyer Weiner

I must be uncivilized. I did not see any of this year's nominees for Best Picture. Did anyone? Now I realize that often times the masses have very poor taste, but it seems that one prerequisite of contention for an Oscar should be that the film was seen by more than just the elite in the academy. Otherwise, where is the fun in the awards ceremony? Perhaps they could just have a "Most Enjoyable" movie category with nominees such as Batman Begins, Harry Potter, and King Kong. Speaking of Kong, that big monkey did win 3 awards, and rightly so. But, I digress. So wait, who won again?

Also, the superb Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit won the best-animated feature. Yeah! Its funny that in the midst of the CG - animation explosion, the nominees for best picture were claymation (Wallace), stop motion(The Corpse Bride), and traditionally animated(Howl's Moving Castle). At least for the most part, the Academy has gotten this category right since it began in 2001 (But Monsters, Inc. pwns Shrek).

For the curious (winners in bold):

2005 Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Howl's Moving Castle, The Corpse Bride

2004 The Incredibles, Shark Tale, Shrek 2

2003 Finding Nemo, Brother Bear, The Triplets of Belleville

2002 Spirited Away, Ice Age, Lilo & Stitch, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Treasure Planet

2001 Shrek, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Monsters, Inc.

Until next year, pay attention to the movies nobody sees. You never know if one of them is gonna take next years Oscar cake.


j said...

I didn't see any of them, although I thought that Good Night, and Good Luck looked interesting as I don't know much about the whole McCarthyism experience.

Chip Chief said...

I was interested in seeing Munuch, but after it came out, I sort of forgot about it.

Bunny Dee said...

Heh... I watched all of them, and about 90% of the films that were in the actual oscars (except like all-documentaries-bar-March-of-the-Penguins, most of the shorts etc), but it's kinda what I do so I really don't expect most people to do so...

There really was a "heavy" feel to this year's Oscars, definitely. People either loved this or hated this, but it was definitely there. Loads of political themes, sensitive subjects and such - I don't know why it happened (although I do have theories) but I know it did...

I really think Munich is not really worth watching, unless you're interested in the politics behind it, in the technical aspects of filmmaking (which were amazing) or you're Spielberg's best buddy. It was kind of an "answer to Schindler's list, now that he's moved on".

Good Night and Good Luck on the other hand is AMAZINGLY shot, even though it didn't get any Oscars (I have theories about that too...), but if you want to learn about the McCarthy thing, just wikipedia it or something... The film just tells the story of a bunch of people who "fought the system from within".

And YAY for Wallace & Gromit! I love their sense of humor, did you see how they accepted the Oscar?
The three selections did show different techniques (although it would be better if there was a 3D one as well, but Wallace & Gromit was kinda both) and I also noticed and was ranting about that... although it was most probably a coincidence or something, or the effect of Disney's apparent downfall...

Chip Chief said...

i just watched Cinderella Man. i am not sure why it didnt get at least nominated for best picture. maybe they didnt want to boxing movies in a row to win. it was really good.