19 March 2006


Looks like there is going to be a new season of Futurama! According to Billy West, voice of Philip J Fry, 26 new episodes have been ordered. This is a much more deserving revival than that of Family Guy last year. Futurama is a truly great, smart show, perhaps too smart for TV. Then again, it was nice to the axe while still in its prime as opposed to The Simpsons which limped through several mediocre seasons before making a comeback this year with its best episode run since season 9. Which of Fox's cancelled shows will be renewed next? Firefly maybe? I wish.

Hopefully this trend doesn't make Fox gun-shy about canceling shows that actually suck (War at Home comes to mind). They certainly have a fair load of crap shows that the world could do without. Is that hot dog on a stick show still on? What about the Pamela Anderson Lee Anderson show? Would anyone miss those? I for one just can't wait to kiss Bender's shiny metal @$$ one more time.

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