17 March 2006

Pajama Party - Flaming Skulls

Coming February 2007, Ghost Rider. This week, new artwork was revealed for the film featuring Ghost Rider and a western style horseback Rider as well. I think this is pretty sweet looking (click it for a bigger view). Of course, there are skeptics. This film is being directed by Mark Steven Johnson, the same guy that brought us Daredevil (which I actually think is pretty decent). Daredevil took a lot of crap, but many of the complaints should be aimed at Fox Studios for interferences with edits, etc. Ghost Rider on the other hand is being developed by Sony. You may remember them from Spider-Man fame. Anyways, the budget of the film is reported at being over $100 million, and the movie was pushed back from a summer release. Likely, they are trying to get the effects just right.

For those of you unfamiliar with the character, basically Johnny Blaze, a stunt cyclist agrees to allow himself to host an avenging spirit in exchange for the protection of his love. At night he transforms into a hellfire wielding bad mutha. He eventually finds himself at odds with the son of the devil, and then "all hell breaks loose."

Actually a lot of material has been released already for this picture, albeit somewhat quietly. There is a riderless Nic Cage heavy trailer, and a pretty sweet look at the finalized flame head. A full trailer is expected to be attached to X3: The Last Stand in May.


j said...

I find the idea very intriguing. I just hate Nic Cage (can't we just call him Nicolas?) as anything resembling an action hero. I just don't buy him as someone who is actually strong or tough or capable of kicking any butt. He belongs in Raising Arizona-type eccentric comedy roles. But the movie still seems quite watchable despite, not because, of his presence. Why isn't it coming out til next year?

Chip Chief said...

im not much of a Nic Cage fan either. he thinks he is so cool with his kid Kal-El, and didnt he win an Oscar? You know, he was chosen to play Superman in a Tim Buton directed take in the late 90s. That would have been a disaster. But he still may be a good choice for this role.

Anyways, Ghost Rider was pushed back for a couple reasons. Firstly, they didnt want it to compete against X3 and Superman this summer. Ghost Rider is much less known, and with its expanding budget, it needs to do fairly well. Also, I suspect they are having issues with the fire effects. But the extra time should be adequate to fix that.

Why February? Historically, February has been a dumping ground for crap movies, but the last few years it has provided some hits against weak competition. The Passion, Hitch, Hannibal, and Daredevil all made over $100 after a Feb debut (Daredevil was NOT the bomb people think it was). Being a good movie in Feb could = big money, but only time will tell if its any good.