24 March 2006

Pajama Party - Ubermensh Returns

In less than 100 days, everyone's favorite Kryptonian is returning to the big screen. Old Kal-El is back! Superman Returns is a semi-sequel to 1980's Superman II film. There were of course already Superman III, and Superman IV (The Quest for Peace) films, but this one chooses to ignore those last two efforts.

On a side note, Superman III isn't actually that bad. It gets a bad wrap for heavily featuring Richard Pryor, and being "silly." The movie also shows a really ugly lady get turned into a cyborg. That part used to freak me out as a kid. It also features a cool scene of Supes vs Clark Kent (wait, aren't they the same... shh! Don't reveal his secret identity!). Lana Lang is a nice mix up from seeing Margot Kidder AKA the worst Lois Lane ever, though Lois does appear briefly. Anyways, to me, the worst part of Superman III is when the "walk" and "don't walk" traffic lights get into a fight. That's pretty hard to defend.

Back on topic, this movie occurs after the events of Superman II (remember the one with "Kneel before Zod!") even though the actors, especially Lois, look much younger. What remains to be seen is if Superman still has his extra powers as seen in Superman II (the ability to lift people with a finger ray, amnesia inducing kiss, teleportation, hologram projection, and my fav, the ability to throw a giant cellophane 'S' net from his chest). In spite of its faults, Superman II is a great movie, and my favorite of the series so far. Superman Returns occurs several years later, having Superman return to Earth to find that Lois and Earth have moved on without him. A teaser for the film is up, and a trailer should show up in around a month. While the teaser is pretty decent, my favorite part is the John Williams score. I hope the trailer just blows me away.

Returns is expected to be a big success. It had better be, with a budget hovering around $200 million. But Warner Brothers has a lot of faith in Bryan Singer after his success helming the X-Men franchise. Plans for a sequel are already underway. What will they call it? Superman Returns 2? Superman Forever? Superman VI (that would confuse a lot of people)? There are also plans for a Supergirl movie if Returns is a hit. I assume this would not be a follow up to 1984's Supergirl film. There are still plans as well for a Batman v Superman match up. Originally that movie was going to launch new franchises for Bats and Supes, but they went this route instead. I don't know Bats v Supes seems a little gimmicky to me along the lines of Freddy v Jason, or Alien v Predator.

I think Supes has a good chance of being #1 this year, though The Da Vinci Code (in spite of Tom Hanks' pseudo mullet) and Pirates of the Caribbean 2 may be tough competition. Anyhow, here's to hoping this movie is not only a success, but is as good as Batman Begins as well.

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