10 March 2006

Pajama Party - X-Mania

The new preview for X3 - The Last Stand debuted this week during a special 2-hour block of 24. Luckily, I was able to find out the precise airtime of 8:36 pm freeing me from having to sit through countless commercial breaks, or from watching 24 itself. A shot by shot analysis can be found here.

There has been a lot of negativity surrounding this film. Ever since Bryan Singer left this project to film Superman Returns, critics have been eager for this movie to bomb. Brett Ratner of Rush Hour fame was brought in last minute to direct, replacing Matthew Vaughn who dropped out after a couple of months of prep. Online script review have been bitter about multiple deaths, and too much time being given to Storm. Now, I can see that argument. I know Berry won an Oscar, but she was also Catwoman. In the best case, those two cancel each other out. Anyways, this preview looks pretty good to me, as did the teaser in December. Also, with Dark Phoenix , Beast, and Angel, what more could we ask for? (Pink spandex Gambit?) Besides, I would actually prefer some deaths, as long as they don't go out like chumps (think Mace Windu, or Wash from Firefly). Death + Storm = crazy delicious.

As it stands, the current list of mutants is as follows:
Professor X AKA 'Wheels'
Storm AKA 'Catwoman'
Jean 'I'm Not Really Dead' Grey
Beast AKA Blue 'Don't Call me Niles' Frasier
Kitty Pryde the 'Shadowcat'
Mystique AKA 'Strategically placed Scale Woman'
Juggernaut AKA 'No I'm Not RAM MAN'
Multiple Man
Quill AKA 'My Face is Full of Quills'

It seems the only ones not coming back are Nightcrawler, Toad, Lady Deathstrike, and Sabretooth.

In other news, a new Superman website sprung up, with a sweet Superman montage. Check it. Also, a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is in development, but no news if Vanilla Ice will return.


j said...

No Nightcrawler? The opening sequence of X2 was my favorite part of the movie and Nightcrawler totally rocked. Thats too bad. Although it looks like there will be plenty of muties to go around.

Chip Chief said...

apparently the actor who played nightcrawler (also known as the invincible Boris from goldeneye) had a tif with some of the production folk. i guess its ok that he isnt coming back. i think they still hit their quota of blue people for the film.

still, it would be nice if they gave a reason in X3 for his departure.

Bunny Dee said...

:D Yep, can't wait...
As for Jean Grey, is there *anyone* out there who actually thought she was going to stay dead? ;)

Chip Chief said...

yeah, i think anyone even a little familiar with x-men had to be anticipating the phoenix. but my mom might be surprised. :)