23 April 2006

B.O. Clairvoyant - Summer Edition Part I

May is almost upon us, and with it, the big box office summer season begins. I have seen the future, and give you this summer's top 9 hits. Click titles to view the trailers.

9. Lady in the Water

M. Night Shama- lamading-Dong is back. I admit to being a big fan, and would probably see any film he makes. If people would get over expecting a twist and spending the whole movie obsessed with trying to figure it out, they would enjoy his films a lot more. For example, The Village was an excellent commentary on political leadership using fear to control its people. The acting was superb as well, but the "twist" was too easy to figure out... Mostly because it was not supposed to be a twist really, just a plot point. Anyways, Lady looks to be more of a straightforward "bedtime story" about a nymph in an apartment swimming pool. Great actors (including Spider-Man 3's Gwen Stacy) and Shyamalan's direction should allow Lady good word of mouth after its July 21 opening and throughout August should lead Lady in the Water to outperform The Village's $114 million, but it will still fall shy of Sign's $227 million. Final Take Estimate: 160 million mermaid scales

8. Poseidon

Probably the big summer movie I am least looking forward to, this remake of the 1972 Poseidon Adventure, dropped the Adventure and probably reminds people more of Titanic. While that will likely turn off some, it will be enough to reel in a plethora of teen age girls on May 12 with few other big movies yet opened to choose from. Oh and did I mention, its got Kurt Russell! Kurt + boats = excitement! Remember Overboard? Final Take Estimate: 175 million life preservers

7. Mission Impossible III

Six years ago, MI2 beat the odds and made $215 million. I think we should all take a moment to feel the shame of supporting such s lame Cruise-fest of a film. Having said that, I am sure MI3 will be a better movie. Better actors and directing should lure some of those burnt by MI2 to give the series another chance. Hopefully by now the technology is a little more realistic. No more emailing job@3.14 all while plugging AOL for the mesmerized audience. Also, the May 5 opening makes MI3 the first big movie of the summer. In spite of what people say, they can't seem to get enough of ol Tommy. Last year's War of the Worlds $234 million proves that. Final Take Estimate: 205 million self destructed video tapes

Stay tuned for 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!


j said...

Ooh. I like this feature. Summertime really is my time for movies. I also am a big M. Night fan. My personal ranking of his movies goes as follows:

Sixth Sense
The Village

Does he have any other movies? I still like Unbreakable, just not as much, and while I thought the Sixth Sense was a great film (not once did I suspect the twist) I find that Signs is infinitely more rewatchable due to it being more humorous and not being tied so much to a big twist/payoff at the end, even though it does still have a bit of a twist.

Chip Chief said...

He does have a couple of other movies under his belt, but I hear they arent so good, nor were they completely his babies. anyways, its nice to find someone else who didnt hate the village. personally, as good as the sixth sense is, i think unbreakable is maybe a tad bit better. i really think M Night is our modern day Hitchcock, and hope that people havent gotten tired of him wanting more fart oriented movies.

j said...

I like that whether you like his movies or not, you can't say that he didn't try to make a good movie, that he's just in it for the money. He clearly thinks a lot about his movies and tries to make them good stories and to make the most of the film genre.

Chip Chief said...

at one point, he was rumored to be writing the new Indiana Jones flick. that could have been cool. Then again, M Night is one of the few writers nowadays making "new" projects as opposed to the massive onslaught of remakes and adaptations from novels and comic books.

Dark Tyler said...

I'm so glad with you take on The Village. It's a rare mix of romance and thrills, with a genius political subtext and I always get mad when people begin their critique discussing the twist. Get over it, already!

I think M. has outgrown Sixth Sense as a filmaker. Both Village and Unbreakable have psychlogical depth that Sense lacked, although it was an excellent movie nontheless.

Also psyched about M:I:3. Love JJ both as a writer and director and I have no doubt he'll do fine here. After all, in a mere two hours there is simply no time for him to twist the story to the point of no-making-sense... ;)

Still would have prefered him wirting and directing the Alias finale, though, instead of promoting M:I. Oh well, can't have it all, I s'pose.

Chip Chief said...

what you say about mission impossible is true, i doubt there will be a cliffhanger ending with 50 loose threads dangling ala Lost. given the nature of a two hour movie, it may just be a fun ride.