24 April 2006

B.O. Clairvoyant - Summer Edition Part II

So far, I have used my powers to reveal the 9th, 8th, and 7th biggest hits this summer will produce. But the stakes get higher in part II. Again, clcick the titles to view trailers.

6. Over the Hedge

Another month, another pack of computer animated animals. So far, we have had wooly mammoths and a second crew of zoo misfits, now we get a troop of rodents and a turtle. I guess this is based on a comic strip, but I don'’t think that really plays into the film. Advertised as "from the makers of Madagascar and Shrek," Over the Hedge actually looks promising, with an animation style that fits the characters. Also, Steve Carell is Mr Comedy right now, so his name on the marquee can'’t hurt. Unfortunately, the May 19th debut pits this up against Da Vinci, which might hurt its weekend total a bit. Then again, it should play strong over Memorial Day, that'’s when Shrek 2 made its killing. With 3 solid weeks before Cars comes out, Hedge stands to outperform last years Madagascar. Total Take Estimate: 220 million rodent pellets

5. X-Men: The Last Stand

Looks like everyone clamoring for more Storm will get their wish. The rest of us will just have to deal with it I guess. X-Men: The Last Stand opens May 26, and should pretty much dominate the Memorial Day holiday and continue to do well throughout June until Superman returns. If Singer was directing this, it would go gangbusters, but there has been grumbling amongst fanboys since Rush Hour's Ratner has taken over. I still have faith. Given Beast, Phoenix, Juggernaut, and some sweet trailers, this looks pretty dang good. Of course, Fox is notorious for trimming films too much to get a few extra screenings per day (compare Daredevil director's cut to the original, and check out the 20 minutes of good deleted scenes from a Fantastic Four that could really have used them). Numerous deaths could also earn some bad buzz. Still, the people are excited, and X3 should slightly outperform the fantastic X2. Besides, who ever really dies in comic books? Final Take Estimate: 225 million dead mutants

4. Cars

This year has already been supersaturated with computer animated films. Cars will be the 5th of the year, but its from Pixar who hasn't missed the mark yet. It seems like a nice movie for all the NASCAR dads to enjoy with their boys. And who doesn't love Owen Wilson and Paul Newman. On top of that, Cars opens June 9, and pretty much has the month to itself. The Incredibles scored $261 million opening in a November, a slight disappointment after Nemo's $340 million the summer before. As a result, Pixar aimed Cars for the summer. We will see if this pays off in a year of increased competition. I just don't know if cars are as universally appealing as toys or superheroes. Don't get me wrong, I think it will do well, but surely some of the CG pie has been gobbled up by all the copycats. Final Take Estimate: 260 million jars of motor oil

Stay tuned for the big 3!

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