25 April 2006

B.O.Clairvoyant - Summer Edition Part III

Here they are, the big daddies:

3. The Da Vinci Code

I have not read the book, but this movie looks like a better version of National Treasure, which scored $175 million a couple years back. The book has been on the best seller list for 157 weeks and counting, and if the book is as good as the people say, and the readers turn out to see the film, this one could be huge. Besides Ron Howard is a good director, and he is due for a big hit. Tom Hank's mullet doesn't help its cause, nor does its May 19 opening against Over the Hedge or Memorial Day competition from X-Men 3, but barring huge boycotts from the Catholic Church, expect a pretty big result. Final Take Estimate: 275 million deciphered codes

2. Superman Returns

Who isn't wondering how newbie Brandon Routh is going to compare to our emblazoned memories of Christopher Reeve in spandex? Besides, its been 25 years since a Superman film anyone will admit to liking. Returns has Bryan Singer at the helm who has proven successful with them X-Mutants. The popularity of Supes is probably on par with Spidey (Spidey 2 = $378 million), but box office returns are down, and the Lois Lane single mother with live in boyfriend and Clark Kent home wrecker subplot may not appeal to everyone. Then again, this is Superman, and with a June 30 opening, Kal-El will have free reign through July 4. Final Take Estimate: 325 million shards of kryptonite

1. Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest

Last time around, the Pirates snatched 305 million gold dubloons, and paved the way for movies based on Disneyland's Matterhorn and Autopia rides (Actually, Disneyland has a whole lot of rides that could inspire great movies: Snow White, Dumbo, Pinocchio... Why not make movies about those :) ). Pirates 2 seems to be one of the most anticipated films of the summer. Its got old squidhead, and a bunch of other fishy inspired pirates like a hammerhead dude and a shell head. Sounds corny, but I think it will work. Jack Sparrow is back, and with more make-up than ever, as are Legolas and that chick. This film is expected to end in a cliffhanger prepping us to spend more money when Pirates 3 comes out. Yo ho Yo ho. Pirates 2 opens July 7, with little real competition for weeks. Count on this to be number 1, as long as its half way decent. Final Booty Estimate: 350 million swabbed poop decks


j said...

And don't forget Peter Pan and Indiana Jones. It seems like those rides would make for excellent movies. I'd throw in the Haunted Mansion, but we've already seen how terrible of a movie that ride turns out to be. Or maybe thats just Eddie Murhpy's fault.

Chip Chief said...

yeah, i saw that huanted mansion movie after my mom told me how great it was. sorry mom, your taste in movies is horrible.