29 April 2006

Fastball Special - A Pajama Party Update

From the Tonight Show, a little clip of Wolverine decapitating a robot. Enjoy:

I hope the film establishes a slightly more somber/serious tone than this footage does, but overall, the clip is a-ight.


Furious Peter Hon said...

hmmm, Colossus' transformation looks too shiny and so does the Sentinels head falling into place....

I have a co worker who thinks Brett Ratner's a good choice to take over. But to be honest, I think of him as the man that made a Bad Jackie Chan movie. I know, Jackie Chan movies aren't works of art, but alot of what was fun about watching Jackie was not what got onto the screen.

Here's hoping X-3 is good. *fingers cross*

Chip Chief said...

this clip sota scares me. it reminds me of what batman forever brought to tim burton's batworld (not that Returns was great but at least it maintained a serious tone). i really hope the whole film is more emotionally engaging, i am hoping this scene is just to help get the movie going before any real tension is built.

as for ratner, he seemed like a good choice given his limited time frame. he certainly was not likely to go off on some weird direction ala burton, or to try to force in a happy ending like spielberg. he was simply going to make a passable film with little risk... which is better than nothing i guess.