01 April 2006

The Grease Trap - Hexceptional TV

I have been a Lost fan since the beginning, ever since Extra #2 went though the jet engine. I never complained about the pacing throughout the whole first season. It moved slowly, but deliberately. Granted, I was a bit annoyed to find that Kate's big secret was a toy airplane. And season 2 started strong, what with the whole make your own kind of music intro, and all. But then cam Ana Lucia, and pointless flashbacks, and pointless episodes with now progress staggered between long sets of reruns. Argh! But Locke-centic episodes are among the best, and I was not disappointed this week.

The promos claimed there would be "5 surprises, each more shocking than the one before." I am not sure I was shocked 5 times, nor am I sure of the ordered degree of shock, but I was excited by the map Senor Locke discovered. I just hope that this map isn't pushed to the background, like say Desmondo was. Doesn't anyone care where that dude went? I'd like to see Locke give old Henry Gale the Charlie smackdown treatment.

Also, notable was The Simpsons, which continues a strong 17th season. Not only was the live action intro shown, but David Brent was basically the guest star. For fans of The Office BBC, this was pretty neat.

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