22 April 2006

Impossible Mission? Or Futile Enterprise?

I hesitate to make this entry because even though this blog is touted as containing "things that matter to nerds," Trek is pretty geeky, even for nerds. But I am a closet fan, having seen every Star Trek episode ever made (including the animated series) save possibly a few episodes of Deep Space Nine. But I am closing that gap even still. But with its Superman movie tie-in, I felt justified. Read on.

JJ Abrams, creator of Lost, Alias, and the Director of Mission Impossible 3 has been given the task of writing and directing a new Star Trek film and revitalizing the franchise. Is that even possible? Is JJ the man for the job? Don't get me wrong, I am pretty into Lost, and was into Alias for the first 3 seasons, but they were new creations. MI:3 looks like it might not suck, which is actually saying a lot after MI:2 got Wooified, but I will have to wait to see how it turns out. But messing with Star Trek is a whole nother ball game. ST XI will supposedly feature new actors playing young Kirk and Spock in the Academy. Could be good... Could be a disaster. Lets not forget what almost happened when JJ tried to reinvigorate Superman. Here are some highlights:

*Krypton did not explode, thus Superman is NOT the last son of Krypton.
*Lex Luthor is a CIA agent
*Luthor is actually also a Kryptonian
*Superman dies

*After Supes dies, Jor-El senses the death and kills himself, goes to heaven and talks Kal-El into coming back to life

*Superman digs his way out of his own grave

*Superman fights a flying Lex Luthor

*Superman returns to Krypton for a sequel featuring a political struggle

Given these plot elements, I can only imagine what could happen to Trek. At least whatever happens it will be unexpected. One thing against this film is that it will be "an odd one" Star Trek I, V, and IX were pretty bad. III and VII ok. But the good ones of course were the even ones. Even X was better than any of the odds, except maybe III. And if you didn't follow that, you should take solace in knowing that you aren't quite as big a geek as me.

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