28 April 2006

Pajama Party - Abominable News

This week, Avi Arad of Marvel announced that Hulk would be facing Abomination in the upcoming Hulk sequel. Now, the fact that Hulk 2 is being made is probably news to many. Arad has continued to assure fans that a Hulk 2 is forthcoming, with a jollier green giant -- a Hulk-Lite or Diet Hulk if you will. The first Hulk was a dark and psychological film, that's what I loved about it, but it certainly wasn't what fans of the old Bixby TV show were expecting. For part 2, it remains to be seen if the roles will be recast, but I hope not. Whatever they do, I hope they do keep Nick Nolte far away. Same goes for Hulked poodles.

Anyways, Abomination is basically a big Hulk like mutant foe with dragonlike ears. Maybe in the film he would be a different color? Or maybe they will use the Gray Hulk this time. Either way sounds better than a mound of green flesh formed by the two monsters pummeling one another.

My thoughts are that I would probably enjoy another Hulk movie, but I am not sure it would make a ton of money unless it mustered up great word of mouth ala Batman Begins. The first outing opened big with a $62 million take, but had a gigantic 70% drop off in its second weekend. The final total was $132 million, about $5 million shy of the production budget. Luckily, associated merchandising of toys and DVDs were successful enough to justify a more reasonably budgeted sequel. As for the Hulk himself, whether he will remain a CG effect, or instead be acted by a tall deaf man remain to be seen. While the effects in Hulk were not perfect, they were pretty good, and I think the CG route is a better way to go than the Fantastic Four Thing approach.

A release date has not been set, but expect this one no sooner than 2008 if we get it at all.


j said...

I really wanted to like the Hulk, but I never made it very far without falling asleep or losing interest. Which meant I'd wake up later only to see Nick Nolte doing something weird which only served to add to my confusion about what was going on in that movie.

Chip Chief said...

yeah, like i said, the nick nolte part was a definite weak spot. but hulk smashing up the desert tanks/jets more than made up for it.

the film did take a while to get going, but it was a nice slow build up. i also really enjoyed the comic paneling and transition effects integrated into the film.

the main problem with Hulk was, it tried to hard to be artistic for a movie about a dude with major road rage that likes to break things and cant speak in complete sentences.

j said...

See, I never actually made it to him being the Hulk. And I don't even remember the comic panelling effects. The more I try to remember this movie, the more I realize I must have fallen asleep about 15 minutes in.

Chip Chief said...

nothing is that boring... well some of our classes may be. you just must have been sleepy.

Furious Peter Hon said...

I know I'm late to the discussion, but my main problem with the film was the reason for Dr Banner guy to turn into Hulk.

The first time didn't make a whole lot of sense (where he rampages through the lab), the second time is pretty straight forward "you won't like me when I'm angry" situation.

And every transformation after that revolves around his traumitization, which WAS a traumatic event, but not nearly as traumatic as, say, watching your entire family being gunned down in cold blood.

Anyway, tossing tanks and jumping tens kilometers made the movie for me.

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