11 April 2006

Sandwich 2.0

Nothing says fresh like 7-11. Right? The only food item I am brave enough to buy from a gas station (other than the beverages in the back fridges) is the occasional Slurpee. Sometimes their food looks ok, but you know those Big Bites have been spinning for days, and who knows how many bugs have made the chili sauce their graveyard. But now from this same champion of freshness comes the most ridiculous sandwich I have ever seen with an equally ridiculous name. As a follow up to my previous sandwich discussion, here is some more fuel for the fire that you can make a sandwich of anything. The P'EatZZa mixes upper and lower cases with the same reckless abandon that it uses to squash old deli meat between cold slices of rubbery pizza. Mmmmm. I guess nothing is good enough by itself anymore, and its only a matter of time until the hot-fudge and bacon sundae sandwich makes its debut. But until then, read about the two new mouthwatering P'EatZZa choices.

1) Mouth-watering turkey on pepperoni pizza with ranch sauce and lettuce.

2) Zesty ham and salami on cheese pizza with peppers and lettuce, topped with oil and vinegar.

Where can I get one of those delicious pizza, ham, and vinegar sandwiches? And lest you forget, if the food combination isn't gross enough for you, remember these are available only at 7-11!

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