03 April 2006

The Simpsons Movie Trailer is Here!

If you went to Ice Age: The Meltdown this weekend (which an unbelievable number of people did, giving the film a HUGE $70.5 million weekend, slightly bigger than that scored by The Incredibles) or if you tuned into the so-so episode of The Simpsons starring Grandpa as a matador, then you may have already seen it. For everyone else, or for those wanting a second helping, here it is:

So, what's this movie about, and why is it coming out now after 17 seasons? Hmmm... Excellent questions. Are there really any stories left to tell? Maybe only ones that are longer than 21 minutes. Anyways, I'll be there for it!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this movie! That teaser doesn't make it look any different than the TV show, though. I hope they give them a bigger budget to do this movie.

j said...

What are they going to do with a bigger budget? Are there some animations that can only be done with the use of super expensive drawing tools? Or do you just mean spend lots of money getting guest star cameos?

Anonymous said...

oI mean on making the animation look good, not what would be acceptable TV-quality.