01 May 2006

Battlestar Spinoff-alactica

Readers on this blog (I know there a couple of you out there) are probably aware of my affection for Ron Moore's reimagined Battlestar Galactica. Its a great show, with great characters and well thought out storylines. While some have complained about a few weak episodes of season 2, I say that they are only weak by comparison to the greatness of the show at its best. Anyhow while we wait forever for season 3, it was announced last week that after a measly 2 seasons, there would be a BSG spinoff show, Caprica, set in the same universe as Galactica, but 50 years in the past on the capitol world.

Supposedly, this show would allow for plotelines where humans fought robotic cylons, and were had a bit better odds at winning. Knowing that Ron Moore is involved, any doubts I have about this show working are wiped away. On the other hand, what is to become of BSG? As the Chinese (I have no idea if the Chinese have ever said this) are fond of saying, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". Galactica has been so great, and is still young. I don't want it to suffer from its younger brother stealing away all the talent. I think I would rather have the show wrap up completely before seeing a spinoff. For one thing, this would prevent any possible crossover episodes, which I can't imagine could be pulled off too well.

Anyways, that's my $.02 on the matter, and since no one is asking my opinion anyways... Long live Ron Moore, and long live the Bucket (but not necessarily the Beast)!


j said...

Does the new version of BSG have the same ties to Mormon doctrine that the original did?

Chip Chief said...

not really. there is still a quorum of 12, but they are more like a congress. there are 12 colonies also, but they are based on the zodiac signs, and the religion of choice id similar to greek mythology. not too many allusions to Mormon doctrine that I am aware of.