24 May 2006

Disappearing Ink XIV - Fire & Ice

As promised a few weeks back, it is time for the review of another Ralph Bakshi film: Fire & Ice. What a fun film this was. This 1983 adventure plays out like He-Man for grown ups. The story starts with Nekron, master of ice (there's you titular Ice) and controller of a giant glacier waging war on a small village of loin cloth wearing dudes. Nekron and his big ice cube are on their way to the fire (and here's your Fire) keep, destroying all that get in their way.

After a few introductions, Larn, survivor of the village massacre teams up with Teegra, voluptuous princess of the fire keep (after she escapes kidnapping by Nekron's thugs). Eventually, these two meet up with Darkwolf, the ultimate axe wielding tough guy. There is a little pterodactyl back riding, and then these three get serious. Will they prove a match for Nekron master of ice and his sorcerous abilities? I don't want to spoil the ending, but you can probably guess.

While the message may not be as strong as that delivered in Bakshi's Wizards, this movie doesn't masquerade as a kiddie film, nor is it prententious. The animation is more stylized and realistic with a peppering of booty thanks to the efforts of artist Frank Frazetta. Also, here is an example of rotoscoping that really works. This entire film was created by filming live actors, then animating over them resulting in "cartoons" that move with stunning realism. Unfortunately, while I am not sure how much this film cost to produce, I am sure it was more than the $760,000 it earned. Something most have gone wrong in marketing, because while the story is fairly straight forward, Fire & Ice is good semi clean fun worthy of a B.

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