03 May 2006

Mania, Trailer Mania

In addition to the Superman Returns trailer posted yesterday, this week has been full of preview releases for upcoming movies. Here are some of my favs:

Arrrrrrrrrrr! Pirates vs Fish! Shiver me timber. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is my pick for biggest box office of 2006.

Miyazaki-Sans' son brings us Tales From Earthsea. Looks like he's got his daddy's skills.

Shaken, not stirred. A new Bond tries to "Bourne-ify" the franchise with Casino Royale.


j said...

Three quick comments:

1) Pirates 2 actually has me pretty excited. Looks like a fun one.

2) I think that's the first trailer I've ever seen with a weather report at the top. Is this film related to the Earthsea books by Ursula K. Leguin?

3) What do you mean by Bourne-ify? Seems pretty much James Bond to me. Is it an origin of James Bond film?

Chip Chief said...

oh j, you so silly.

1) i love everything in this trailer, even all the fish heads. except barnable bob (i made that name up) i think you know which one i mean.

2) yeah, i am sure there is a better version out there, but i was lazy. this is based on books 3 and part of 4 of the eartsea saga. speaking of which, i have been reading the books in anticipation of this move. i just finished the second one. while the first was ok, i thought the second, Tombs of Atuan, was fantastic. I hope the 3rd is as good.

3)By Bourne-ify I mean it is set more in reality (no invisible cars or laser beam satelittes). this is an origin, its Bond's first mission as a "double-o." there is no Q, few gadgets, and there looks to be plenty of "shaky cam." we will finally learn why bond shoots at the screen at the beginning of each film (as if there needed to be a reason).

j said...

1) Yeah, love the sharkmen badguys.

2) I didn't know there were 4 books. I can only remember 3.

3) There's a reason he shoots at the screen? I thought that was just a stylistic device. Apparently not.