12 May 2006

Pajama Party: 7 Minutes of X-ellence

I'll let this speak for itself:


j said...

Ok. I'm officially pumped. Just watched X2 last night, now this. Why do I have to wait another 2 weeks for this movie to come out?

Chip Chief said...

yeah, this looks to be pretty good stuff. too bad movie makers seem to be much better at hype and trailer making than movie making. but i am keeping my fingers crossed.

Furious Peter Hon said...

I think the plot is fine, but that clip made it look like they were trying to hit all the points of the story as quickly as they can.

It feels like the pacing is going on too fast (maybe they cut it quickly for the clip) like they're trying to get to the action as quickly as possible.

hmmm, gotta wait and see.

Dark Tyler said...

Saw the movie and din't love it. I mean, it's enjoyable and everything, and every single one of us geeks will be there interested in what happens next, you know. But it felt much like a movie without identity, without a distinct voice. At some point it was like a bunch of freaks were just fighting in the ruins for what it seemed like a Two Towers re-enactment. No character moments (was it really necessary for the movie to introduce something like 10 new characters?), and I personally felt that Phoenix was underused.

How can you underuse Phoenix!? (LOL)

Still, I liked Rogue's arc, I fell in love with Shadowcat, and I totally geeked out during Phoenix' major sequences.

In short, I enjoyed it, but it was no X2.

Chip Chief said...

well, at least its no dissater. the third film seems to be a real down point for a lot of superheroes (superman, batman IMHO, and blade). i have read several lukewarm reviews, which is really surprising, since many of the previews looked to have so much potential.

Dark Tyler said...

Yeah, I was so pumped! The trailer was awesome! But, you know, we got the fauxter instead of Singer... Man, his Superman had better be great, or else!