19 May 2006

Pajama Party: Fantastic Flinch

If Dr. Doom couldn't prove a match for the Fantastic Four, who could? The answer: Optimus Prime! Fantastic Four 2 and the live action Transformers Movie had both staked their claim on July 4, 2007. I think F42 had a bit more of a reason with the 4 and all, but the Fantastics decided to tuck their tails and run. The new release of June 15 may be strategically superior as F42 now looks to have the opening to itself, and it will still be around to cash in a bit on the July 4 weekend. This earlier date also distances the film from Harry Potter 5 which opens a week after Transformers and is likely to dominate the box office.

The main problem is that without filming yet underway, shaving off two weeks of post production time could hurt. Then again, Fox seems to love rushing movies. F41 was under a considerable crunch, and X3 had a tighter schedule than this as well. Will F42 be any good? Maybe not, but with a rumored inclusion of the Silver Surfer, and the return of the Invisible Girl, I will be there in the theatre to find out.

In other news, check out this cool poster for Superman.

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