11 May 2006

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - E3

Here are some Nintendo E3 trailers for Wii games. I am looking forward to this next gen, but I think Revolution is a way better name for a console. But thats just me.

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Smash Bros BRAWL

Zelda Twilight Princess

Metroid Prime 3 - Corruption (I hope you dont really have to roll in a ball to o get Samus to make that move)

General Games


j said...

A couple comments.

A) Wii is the most retarded console name ever.

B) I'm worried about the new controller. I think its a cool idea, but it just seems like its very dependent on the room in which you are playing. Is it light sensitive? Do I have to sit right in front of the TV? How will that adapt to multiplayer? Will it give me carpal tunnel? Will a marathon gaming session be cut short due to getting physically worn out from shaking the controller? Just seems like there are so many ways for this to be a major problem.

Chip Chief said...

wii is a bad name, but i guess they think they can use it to be clever, like with the WiiConnect online service.

i agree. its like every gome is a superscope game. video games are associated with laziness, lets not turn them into an aerobic workout. sometimes i just want to lay down half awake and play a game. this technology working seemlessly is crucial. i think it uses an anternal gyroscope, and external sensors. hopefully its not light based. on duck hunt, if you turned the brightness up high enough, you could never miss. i know PS3 is coming out with a cheap knock off that is terrible, but i dont know if the wii will work either.

j said...

I mean you have to assume that they've run this thing through the ringer as far as testing goes, but yes, sometimes I just want to kick back and play some video games, not be vigorously shooting arrows and swinging swords and what not. Good point about the superscope. I have a hard time believing that the only reason those games failed was because the technology was not good enough.

There has to be some kind of light/laser portion of the control because how else would it know what part of the screen you are pointing at?

Chip Chief said...

i think there may be some sort of triangulation going on using external sensors that at least limits the dependency on light. if this was a peripheral, it wouldnt be such a gamble. Nintendos wierd peripherals dont have the greatest track record. its a darn good thing that not every NES game used ol obbie the Robot.

j said...

Here's a review of the controller from E3.

Furious Peter Hon said...

You know what would make for a good game? Punch Out! *that's how its said, with a ! at the end*

You dodge with the analog, and punch with the nunchuk and remote.

Just a random thought.

From the looks of things, it looks like the first party titles will have the most polish with the remote.

I give it to the second wave of games for the 3rd parties to start experimenting/acllimate to the controls. That's seems to be the case with each generation and console.

Chip Chief said...

i agree with that. while nintendo may work out the bugs for ther first releases, it might take a while for the third parties to get the hang of the new capabilities.