05 June 2006

B.O. Derby

The mutants fell to second place this past weekend, getting beat by The Break-Up of all things. Many people are citing the second place finish and 67% drop from last weekend as proof that X3 was a turkey. The thing is, last weekend was a record breaking take, and this weekend's 34 million bucks are both pretty good hauls. Look for X3 to close in on $250 million.

Also impressive has been Over the Hedge's strong performance after a fair debut. This weekend, the rodents outgrossed Da Vinci. If it weren't for a little film by a little studio called Pixar opening this week, Hedge might have been able to overtake last year's Madagascar.

Lastly, I added RV to this watch, as its out performance of Poseidon makes me laugh.

Current Rankings:

5) Poseidon - $51,679,000
5) RV - $61,806,000
4) Over the Hedge - $112,357,000
3) Mission: Impossible III - $122,664,000
2) The Da Vinci Code - $172,656,000
1) X-Men: The Last Stand - $175,681,000

My Top 9 Predictions

9) Lady in the Water - $160,000,000
8) Poseidon - $175,00,0000
7) Mission: Impossible III - $205,000,000
6) Over the Hedge - $220,000,000
5) X-Men: The Last Stand - $225,000,000
4) Cars - $260,000,000
3) The Da Vinci Code - $275,000,000
2) Superman Returns - $325,000,000
1) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest - $350,000,000

1 comment:

j said...

I think that RV went straight to my list of movies I won't see except under threat of death as soon as I saw the preview. The sad thing is the other day I heard a member of my bishopric's wife tell someone how much they enjoyed it.