29 June 2006

Disappearing Ink XIX - Magnetic Rose

Magnetic Rose is the first of three entries in the Memories Anthology. In this 45 minute short film, a space salvage team (aka cosmic garbagemen) answer a distress call in deep space. Two of the astronauts board a ship that once served as home to the Eva, a failed opera singer. Now the ship houses only her ghostly memories, which manipulate and ensnare the two would-be rescuers. The mood is eerie and fantastic, and the pairing of opera music from Madame Butterfly is inspired.

Of course, such thought provoking animated material must have come from abroad. I am pretty sure you could guess that Magnetic Rose hails from Japan. In the spirit of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, Magnetic Rose is not completely straight forward. Multiple viewings offer additional insight and better formed analyses of what occurs onscreen. Overall, Magnetic Rose conjurs an A-.

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