30 June 2006

Pajama Party - AG, FE, & Other Comic Elements

Scratch the title Fantastic Four: The Next Chapter and instead read Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer. That's is now the official title of FF2, and it is also a title that will surely bring interest back to the franchise after part 1's lackluster reviews. This could be a new era in superhero films, an era of team-ups. Could we see Green Arrow and Green Lantern? Spider-Man and Daredevil? The Justice League? The Avengers? Wolverine and Hulk? The cool team-up possibilities are practically limitless.

Also, Iron Man has been given a May 2008 opening while Wolverine has been rumored to open as early as next year. Hey, if you can crank out a movie in a couple weeks, why not? And who needs a director anyways. If true, next year could be quite the year for Marvel with Ghost Rider in February, Spider-Man 3 in May, Fantastic Four and the Surfer in June, and Mr Claws some time in there as well (August? November?). All I can say is "Where is DC Comics?"

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