16 June 2006

Pajama Party - Gimmick of the Week

Remember back when Superman died in the 90's? How about when Batman's back was broken and he was forced into retirement? How about when it turned out that Spider-Man was actually, and had been for quite some time, a clone? Well in all those cases, the status quo returned, and it most likely will here as well. But this week in comics Peter Parker revealed his identity as Spider-Man to the world... and comics sold like hotcakes. Just wanted to keep my loyal readers up to date.

Since this feature does not usually focus on comics in print, I thought I should toss a bone out from Superman Returns. A&E aired an excellent history of Superman this week including this shot from the new film homaging Superman's first cover on Action comics. Enjoy.


j said...

So was it the clone Spiderman or the real one that revealed his identity. BTW, I heard about the death of Superman and Batman's broken back, but didn't know about the Spidey-clone. Of course I've never read a comic book in my life, so its probably surprising that I heard about the Batman thing. How did he recover from that?

Chip Chief said...

Pretty sure it was the original. I think that as it turned out, Spider-Man actually was the original, though for a time it semmed he was the clone. In the end, the clone was killed.

As for Batman, he took some time off with a dude named Azrael (not Gargamel) took on the mantle of the bat. But when he crossed the line letting someone die, Bruce trained again and once agin became Batman.