09 June 2006

Pajama Party - Subtitle of Doom

I have been wondering what the next Fantastic Four movie would be titled. Perhaps The Fantastic Four Return. Maybe an outside chance of The Fantastic Five. Surely Fantastic Four 2 would be too confusing for the masses. And I never would have guessed the ultra lame Fantastic Four: The Next Chapter. Unfortunately, that is just the title that has been selected. So, what is this "next chapter" about? I guess another love triangle, a silver dude, and an uberpowerful inliberated girl. Should be fun. We should know more soon, when the actual production begins. I guess the X-Men's monster opening has only encouraged the Fox Factory too keep up their brisk production schedule with F42 starting filming in August for a June release.

In other news, it was announced that Spidey would face 4 nemesises in Spider-Man 3. So who are these nemesi? Venom, and Sandman are a lock, and a Green Goblin 2 showing is fairly likely. But who is Mr #4? Dr. Lizard Connors? The sultry Black Cat? A hint of Carnage? Whoever it is, an announcement should be made sometime next month.

Oh, and also, this new poster showed up for a little film called Transformers.


j said...

I'm a little nervous about Spidey 3 having so many villains. Shades of Batman and Robin...

Chip Chief said...

i guess it all depends on how they are used, and how you count them. Batman and Robin had Freeze, Ivy, and Bane. Batman Begins had Scarecrow, Ra's Al Ghul, Falcone, and a cameo by Zsasz. The difference being only one of those movies was a steaming turd.

Still I do not understand why Raimi went from wanting just 1 villain to stuffing in 4. I though Ock held the movie fine by himself. Granted, Sandman may not be as compelling, but 4!? At least with a consistent director, we can have a little faith in the vision.