23 June 2006

Pajama Party - Super Moments

I just heard there was a new Superman movie coming out soon! In anticipation I am listing the top 5 Superman movie moments from the first 4 films.

5) Superman Turns Back Time

In the original movie, Superman was able to achieve what Cher can only sing about. After ol' Margot took a dirt nap, Superman got angry, very angry. He flew so fast that the earth spun backwards and time reversed (or was the earth spinning backward just a manifestation of time going backward?). In any case, it was nice to see that if he gets mad enough, Superman can save anyone.

4) Vera Webster Turns into a Robot

This scene gave me nightmares as a child. In Superman III, a supercomputer went predictably haywire, and the already hideous Vera Webster was given a makeover from hell. The computer assimilated her creating a veritable cyborg.

3) Superman Versus Clark Kent

Another great scene from Superman III occurred when the evil Superman's conscience started to kick in. A knock-down drag out fight in the junkyard saw Clark Kent teaching his alter ego a thing or two. After winning the fight, Clark opened his shirt to reveal... a nice clean uniform.

2) Superman Versus the Kryptonian Thugs in Metropolis

Zod, Non, and Ursa were not fooling around. These naughty Kryptonians didn't pull any punches in their epic showdown with Superman in the streets of Metropolis. Superman was doing pretty well until he decided to start saving people instead of kicking butt.

1) Kneel before Zod

My favorite Superman movie moment occurs near the end of Superman II. Just when it appears that Superman has lost his powers, and the bad guys have won, Zod makes Kal-El kneel to kiss his hand. That's when Superman crushes Zod's powerless hand and the Superman anthem pipes up in the background. Once again, Superman outsmarted the criminals and saved the day.

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