02 June 2006

X4 is Coming! Or Rather, I Should Say 4 X Spinoffs Are Coming

The most likely next entry into the X-Realm will be the solo Wolverine movie. Whether this will be a prequel, or sequel has not been clarified, but my hope is for a prequel set during the Weapon X days. Many flashbacks in X2 alluded to this story, but it could certainly be fleshed out. Also, with Logan's amnesia, Sabretooth and Deathstrike could be brought back. There is great potential in this film to introduce Maverick, Deadpool, Omega Red, and Silver Fox. Given the proper treatment, this one could be hot!

Also long rumored is a Magneto backstory starring an computer effect age-reduced Ian McKellen. This story would be set in the 40's-50's pre evil Magneto. Sounds like an interesting comic, but it could be a dull film. I am not too keen on this one being greenlit (of course, I will probably still see it in theatres before also buying the DVD).

Now this is where the rumors get interesting. A third film would be the most sequelish, featuring the "new mutants" left over after X3. Ice-man, Rogue, ShadowCat, Colossus and Angel would be the most likely center stagers. But there would also be a great opportunity for the long overdue introduction of Gambit, as well as intros for Cannonball, Havok, Blob, Dazzler, or Polaris. Could be a fun film, though it sounds like it would have a less serious tone more centered on the "life of a young mutant." The best aspect of this project is the chance to see all our yet unseen muties on screen.

Lastly, and most surprising are rumors of a film centered on the yet unseen Emma Frost aka White Queen. Did anyone see that coming? I cannot even begin to guess what this one would be about, but I am interested to learn more.

Perhaps the biggest letdown of the above news is the lack of mention of Cable or Bishop, two huge fan favorite mutants. Unfortunately their time traveling aspects sort of limit the faithfulness of their backstories within the cinematic X-World. I would still like to see them get a proper treatment someday.


Dark Tyler said...

Anything featuring Shadowcat is fine by me! Also, if Brett Ratner insists on directing one of them (and they will probably give him one) I hope it's the Magneto one, because it's the one I'm less interested in.

Oh, and finally: BRING ON GAMBIT, DAMMIT!!!

Chip Chief said...

Unfortunately, the Rat will probably get Wolverine. And surely, Gambit will be the main addition to a new mutants movie. Right?