23 July 2006

A Little Taste of Venom, And a Big Dose of Other Comic Con News

Spider-Man 3

The biggest hype from comic con has probably been surrounding next years Spider-Man 3. It is quite possible that this will be the best movie ever! :) A couple of images were released. The first is Eddie Brock getting all webbed up into Venom, and the second shows the softer side of Sandman as he protects a little girl. Ahh, how sweet.

Iron Man

The Iron Man camp announced that the man of FE would face off against The Mandarin in the origin style film. Also, as the movie progresses, Tony Stark may have more than one style of armor. Here is a look at one of the possible designs.

Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer

The F42 camp gave this tease for a revamped Dr. Doom. Good thing, F4 1's Doom was a wuss.

Many have stated their disappointment with the lack of "evil" ness in the last movie and I'd be lying if I said I was able to do everything I set out to do, but this time, there will be the plotting and the fighting and technology. He's just as smart as Reed, or as he would say, smarter and I'm going to represent that in the movie big time. Julian is on board and wants to have just as much fun in making him "that villain" we all know and love, or should I say hate. I'm wrestling right now with the cape issue and trying to have it but not let it get in the way of him fighting. He's not going to just shoot beams of power this time. He goes toe to toe with a really big surprise. My 2nd Unit director Ej Forrester was showing me storyboards on a sequence we have in the movie that involves Doom, and we're determined to have him blowing up shit! Wait until you see the mask! The armor!

The Incredible Hulk

It was promised that the jolly green giant would be more of a "hero" this time around with a bigger focus on the battle between Bruce Banner and the monster inside. Also, once again The Abomination was confirmed to be the film's big bad.


Development of the script for Ant-Man is still in the early phases, but the film will be an Action/Adventure, and also a solo film not featuring The Avengers.

Wonder Woman

Joss Whedon (of Buffy fame) has completed the script for Wonder Woman. If the studio likes it, things will get rolling. Along with Bats and Supes, Wonder Woman is one of DC's 3 crown jewels and they want to do her right.

Superman Returns Extended Version

Double dips in the DVD market are old hat. See my editorial. But Bryan Singer is going all out trying to invent the theatrical double dip (to be fair, I guess old George Lucas invented this one too with his "Special Editions" but at least he waited like 25 years, and for new technology before his stunt). A return to Krypton sequence was cut from the film for "pacing" reasons, but Singer has decided he would like to rerelease the film with this expensive sequence reinserted so that everyone will flock to see it in IMAX 3D, boosting Supes' box office totals. So, why was the sequence finalized before being cut only to be reinserted anyways. I am sure it had something to do with "artistry" and nothing to do with $$$.

DC Direct to Videos
My last but favorite bit of news is that DC is looking to do a series of animated titles that will tell the character bits and stories that were important to fans ala Marvel's recent Ultimate Avengers. Currently in development are The New Frontier, Superman/Doomsday AKA The Death of Superman, and The Teen Titans Judas Contract, with though being given to the Dark Knight Returns. These titles will be aimed at pleasing PG-13 crowds. I like it!


Lido said...

Spidey 3 is going to kick ass !!!

Whaddya think of Nic Cage as "Gost Rider" ?

Chip Chief said...

i am not really a nic cage fan at all. and he is getting old, but i think he is an okay choice for ghost rider. in the previews, he doesnt seem too bad. and its a much better role for him than superman.

Monthly Retconn said...

You got that right, nice articles by the way, wanna link each other?

Chip Chief said...

retconn, sounds good, i added your link for all to see.