01 August 2006

The Dark Knight Returns

A few months back, I wrote a little editorial about the titles of Bat-films (see below). At the time it seemed Batman 2 might be the name of the upcoming Batman/Joker clash. But, it has been announced that the title with instead be The Dark Knight (or possibly Batman: The Dark Knight). This is awesome news, as it shows once again Nolan and co's respect for the character.

Original rant:

The Batman franchise has been trying for years to come up with a good title for a Bat-film. 1966's Batman: The Movie was simple and straightforward. I guess the main point was to differentiate the film from the TV show on which it was based. 1989's Batman took the approach followed by most of the superhero franchises to come with its title simply stating the name of the hero. This title was OK, but it was all downhill from there. 1992 brought the fairly generic Batman Returns, (by which this summer's Superman Returns may have been inspired. Of course Superman actually returns from somewhere.) by which they meant that Batman was "returning" to the cineplex. Next up was 1995's Batman Forever. I still haven't figured out what that means. 1997 dropped the turd called Batman & Robin. This title may have been more appropriate for Forever, and even though the title itself is not that bad, the movie was abysmal. So bad was the movie in fact, that the planned Batman Triumphant got the axe. It is questionable that this title would ever have been given a real meaning since the movie was never made. This put an end to the "Batman insert random word" naming scheme. But the "Batman blank" trend was to continue.

2005 brought a new beginning to the Bat-franchise. While Batman Intimidation Game or simply Batman Intimidation were rumored titles, ultimately the awkward Batman Begins was chosen. At least this time, the title made sense. And that brings us to this week's big news. The sequel to Begins is in its early stages, and rumors of a title are being heard. While early rumors mentioned were Batman Attacks, or Batman Continues (perhaps jokingly, but you never know with these folks), my early favorite was Batman Escalation. But it looks like the "Batman blank" titles may be over, as the uberoriginal Batman 2 seems to be a frontrunner. What I do like about this title is how it will certainly confuse people who still believe that, despite having seen both Batman and Batman Begins, Begins is a prequel film. Unless Bruce's parents were killed twice by different people, then its quite obvious that Begins is a reboot. Batman 2 will certainly distinguish this new series of films from the past, and I think most people will agree that is a good thing.

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j said...

I think thats a great title for the sequel.