19 August 2006

The Many Foes of Spider-Man - Boomerang

Spider-Man 3 is still a ways off, but a new villain profile is here.

Fred Myers, Boomerang is former professional baseball player turned assassin for hire. He hurls boomerangs with deadly accuracy ala Bullseye (one of Daredevil's arch enemies). This dude has all sorts of trick boomerangs as well especially exploding boomerangs. He is not much of a threat to the web-head (or any of his other targets for that matter), and should probably think of another line of work.

*Note, DC comics has a similar character named Captain Boomerang who may have been an influence on Marvel's Boomerang.

Villain Profiles:

the Beetle
Black Cat

Spider-Man 3 debuts in 258 days!


toast said...

Captain Boomerang is way more hard-ass as he is most recently known for killing Robin's dad.

This gets super villain bonus points in my book.

Chip Chief said...

Really? how many people have killed Robin's dad. I thought in the comics it was 2-face that killed tims dad (and in batman forever it was also two-face that killed dick's dad)?

toast said...

Jack Drake was killed just recently in "Infinite Crisis" by Captain Boomerang. Two-Face wasn't involved at all.

Dick's dad was killed by crime-lord Tony Zucco. Two-Face was not involved with that one either.

Chip Chief said...

oops, my mistake.

you are right though, captain boomerang is a lot cooler than (non-commisioned) boomerang