30 August 2006

No One Puts the Marvel Babies in a Corner

I spotted an interesting article on JimHillMedia today. The article discussed the history of "baby" versions of popular characters. Starting with the Muppet babies, babyizing characters has been profitable, and has also proved successful at reaching out to target demographics at a younger age. Following the Muppets lead, there has been Sesame Beginnings (baby Sesame Street), Disney Babies, Tiny Toons, and then the even younger Baby Looney Tunes. The Flintstones kids have cashed in too, as has a Pup Named Scooby Doo. Even Mortal Kombat had a "Babality" finishing move that rendered the defeated opponent a baby (ah how cute).

That's where things turn ugly. Coming in a soon are the Baby Stooges, Bratz Babyz, a young Wayans Brothers project called Thug-A-Boo, and probably most offensive, The Marvel Babies. That is just lame and stupid. Besides, it doesn't even make sense. There was no "baby" Spider-Man or Hulk (unless these guys got nuked/bitten by radioactive spiders as wee ones), and baby Doc Ock... C'mon. Superman could at least be justified, but would still be lame. Then again, there was an episode of Justice League Unlimited with "kiddified" Leaguers that was not half bad.

Still, I don't like where this is going. Its only a matter of time before baby Homer Simpson has his own show. Doesn't sound too bad? What about baby Star Wars (imagine a baby Jar-Jar), baby Lord of the Rings or Transformers babies. Maybe a baby Freddy Krueger would be cute. After all, we all love babies.


Kory said...

Baby versions of muppets were OK, but superheroes? Seriously, who wants to imagine that a baby somehow got blasted with gamma rays and became a baby hulk? *sigh*

But yes, the Justice League episode when they got kiddified was pretty damn good.

Chip Chief said...

Yeah, the JLU was OK mostly because it was for one episode only, and because they werent getting scolded by their nanny or anything like that AND they managed to have a reasonable (at least in comics) explaination for the transformation.

I would like to see an explaination for a baby wolverine complete with costume and claws, or evil babies like doc ock or baby dr. oom. Not to mention, most babies don't have PhDs. :)

toast said...

Check out the X-Babies. They have been reacurring characters in the x-Men comics for years.

Chip Chief said...

oh boy. babies are taking over!