05 August 2006

Pajama Party - Superheroes in the Making

Aren't there enough reality shows out there? Well, Stan Lee (creator of Spider-Man, The Hulk, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, and on and on) has put together a show to find the next superhero. The show titled Who Wants to be a Superhero? seems to be nothing but a ripoff of every other reality show out there, and the title doesn't help that impression. But is not really a reality show because the contestants are supposed to "be" their creations 24/7, and some of these folks are hilarious. The show features the standard reality show challenges, but Stan is looking more for reactions and behavior than performance to determine the winners and losers -- courage, honesty, integrity (but I thought modern superheores were supposed to be edgy and dark like wolverine!?). The ultimate winner will be featured in a Dark Horse comic and will also have an original TV movie made about their character. If you havent checked it out yet, I suggest you give it a try. It's on Sci-Fi and USA. As for the contestants, here's a rundown of the competition:

Fat Momma

She throws donuts and is... well fat.


Throws balls of solar energy. Maybe the most boring of the bunch.

Cell Phone Girl

She can teleport through cell phones and take digital photos with her eyes. She also has wireless internet access. Unfortunately, she yields to angry dogs in a mere 4 seconds and has gone bye-bye.


This guy gets powers from playing video games. My kind of geek.

The Iron/Dark Enforcer

The Iron Enforcer allegedy stinks and uses steroids, and always wanted to kill people with his gun rather than save little lost girls. Stan decided that he would be a better villain than hero, and he became the Dark Enforcer. He will return to give the remaining heroes a new challenge.

Monkey Woman

She likes to make monkey noises and was raised by monkeys. She hides weapons in bananas.


This guy tackled some attack dogs. Also, his homemade costume is better than the one Stan Lee redesigned for him, but he got busted for saying he liked the new costume even though he really didn't.


I guess she is a fruit eating alien. With a name like Creature, I would expect ger to be green or something.

Nitro G

Just lame. Eliminated for changing into his costume in the middle of a park. Who needs a secret identity anyways?


More interested in making Levity action figures and in being a "gay" superhero than just being a superhero.

Major Victory

The name is pretty average, but this dude does not step out of character, and he is cheesy galore with a certain appeal.

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