17 August 2006

Site Tweaks and Features

You may have noticed that recently this site has undergone a few tweaks in an effort to differentiate it from all those minima black template blogs out there. You may also have noticed that when you sit down to eat a bunch of chips, it's what is on the side that really makes the experience notable. Whether you are dipping salsa, or french onion dip, the side has a big role to fill. That is why the sidebar of this blog, now titled ~SIDE of CHIPS~ has been loaded with useful links. In addition to the usual recent posts links, there are links to all of my past animated feature reviews (Ink Blots) as well as links to my Superhero Retrospectives. Lastly, there are a list of upcoming "films on tap" with release dates along with links to their official sites. I trust this information will make your visits to ServeWithChips all the more pleasurable. Eat up.

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