28 September 2006

The Grease Trap - What I am Watching

Welcome to The Grease Trap, where I try and capture the crispy golden nuggets from the cesspool that it most television. The new fall season has begun, and I have my schedule all planned out. Also, thanks to my new DVR, I can make my watching more efficient.


I haven't been won over yet, but a comic book geek like me has to give Heroes a shot. This show has a similar tone to Unbreakable - superheroes/villains in the real world. Heroes include an invincible cheerleader, a flying dude, a guy who can paint the future, a stripper who's mirror image can kill people, and a mind reading cop. So far though, the Japanese Hiro with his bending of the space time continuum is my favorite.


Lucky me, a day off!


The mysteries of the island deepen on Lost. This year I hope to learn a bit more about the smoke monster and the others. Also it would be nice to see Charlie the hobbit die.


Ah, a double bill. Smallville enters its 6th season and we can expect Green Arrow to appear along with returning appearances by Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman. I wouldn't be devastated if this was the last year for the show, since I would like it to go out while its still on top of its game. By now, I think most people just want to see Clark Kent put on the costume and fly.

Also on Thursdays is The Office. After seeing the British Office, I never imagined the show would work in the US, but it has. This has to be the funniest show on TV right now.


Battlestar Galactica is back. I think that name recognition actually hurts this show. The new version of this series is not a lot like the 70's show, other than sharing the same basic premise. But while the old was a campy Star Wars ripoff, the new is a smart political and character driven show that happens to be in space.


Saturday morning has an animation block of The Legion of Superheroes, staring Superman and his futuristic buddies, and The Batman. The day wraps up with Fantastic Four. This animated show is so far style over substance, but given the slim pickings on Saturdays I will keep in on my watch list.


Yep, I am one of the ones still watching The Simpsons after 18 years. They aren't as funny as they used to be, but they are still better than The Family Guy, King of the Hill, or American Dad. Every year, you can count on the Halloween episode being fantastic, as well as several other episodes of greatness scattered throughout the season.


Johnny Kool said...

Damn dude, you and I need to share a TV. You hit most of the shows I'll be watching. Hiro, so far, is also my fav. Isn't he the same guy from Scrubs?

j said...

How could you say that you want to see Charlie die? I realize he hasn't brought much to the table, but after Crazy John Locke (I think to think of Crazy as part of his name) pummeled him on the beach, seeing Mr. Locke get his comeuppance was something I enjoyed looking forward to for much of last season.

Chip Chief said...

charlie is annoying. so, his buddies in the hatch may be dead, and what does he do? goes and cozies up to claire. and if he really wanted to have some "back-up" heroin, did he really need 20 statues full? it was nice to see him make locke look the fool.

Chip Chief said...

also, dont you think charlie should pay for beating the crap out of sun for no reason?

Dragulf said...

I don't want Charlie to die but I could do without any more of his flashbacks.
Sadly I remember the watching the first episodes of the simpsons the year it came out.
Supernatural is really good also. Prison break, the list is long. I am going to break my vcr abusing it this year.

Piotr said...

Battlestar is a GREAT show. After i borrowed the mini-series off a buddy, i ran out and bought the boxed set right away! And it was definitely worth it. My only gripe with this show was how they released season 2...what kinda cashgrabbing stunt was that? releasing it in 2 volumes? that's $100cdn for season 2!?!? But i have no choice, i don't have SPACE ch. although CityTV is showing season 1 now. All in all, a much needed show when it comes to the lack of Sci-Fi on tv these days.