14 September 2006

Superheroes on Screen - Don't Call Me Aquaman

Namor the Sub-Mariner predates Aquaman by two years, and seems to be one of the few Marvel characters NOT created by Stan "the man" Lee. Still, Aquaman is probably better known, though Namor is considered less of a wuss. As a half-human half-Atlantean, he has plenty of super powers as outlined in the wikipedia. He also has pointy ears.

Namor has superhuman strength and is the strongest Atlantean ever known, and was often defined as equaling The Hulk's (when not enraged). The exact level of his strength is dependent upon his physical contact with water (his submersion in it is not necessary). His strength diminishes slowly the longer he is out of contact with water, though an extended period on land does not result in his death, as it would for a typical Atlantean. Namor also possesses superhuman stamina and resistance to injury due to his hybrid nature. Unlike other Atlanteans, who have gills, Namor breathes with his lungs, which contain special alveoli that extract oxygen from water, allowing him to breathe underwater. Namor also possesses wings on his ankles. They are primarily vestigial and do not explain his ability to fly. His ability to fly is a type of self-levitation, a limited psionic power, resulting from his mutation. However, his ability to fly is directly related to the presence of the wings, as evidenced by his loss of flying ability after activating an anti-mutant serum to defeat the living landfill, Sluj, which dissolved his wings. He has exhibited the ability to generate a massive electric charge, much like an electric eel. This seldom-used power, which appears to require a long recharge time between uses, has sometimes been portrayed as an ability to absorb and redirect electricity, rather than actually generating a charge himself. The Sub-Mariner has also shown the ability to utilize a form of sonar that enables him to recognize invisible beings (e.g., the Super-Skrull or the Invisible Woman). Namor has much greater longevity than a normal human being. He is well over seventy years old, but has the appearance of a male in his late twenties.

Seems like a tough dude. So why do I bring him up? Because director Jonathan Mostow (of Terminator 3) has been hired to rewrite and direct Marvel Studios' Sub-Mariner movie. No date has yet been announced.


In other news, yet another Wonder Woman casting rumor has surfaced. At least this one has some viability (as opposed to the rumor of American Idol contestant Kathryn McPhee). This time the rumored dame is Rachel Bilson from the OC, who actually dressed up as Wonder Woman on the OC for a costume party. I really doubt the veracity of this rumor, but hey, its a slow news week. In any case, I hope the Wonder Woman move comes soon. If anyone can make this film work, its Joss Whedon.

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