18 September 2006

Superheroes on Screen - An Iron Man Reject

Well, Iron Man won't look like this. I quite like this design, so I hope the real thing blows me away. Since the film opens in May 2008, it is still going to be a while before we get to see the armor that got the thumbs up.

Invincible Iron Man


toast said...

I would like to red to be a bit more vibrant and not a maroon. But the design is okay.

It's better than Optimus Prime.

I am eager to see the next version of Iron Man.

Chip Chief said...

true the colors are a bit off, but the style is nice. and at least there arent any flame decals on the armour. =)

Andro said...

It's alright... Yes, I agree with just a lil bit more of a "vibrant-ness" of the colors. The suit design, is just 'okay' for me though.

Johnny Kool said...

I don't like the hips. Looks like he's got child bearing hips. Otherwise, I like how it tips the hat to his classic look.