22 September 2006

Superman Returns Returns on DVD

Check out this sweet DVD set. It contains Superman I (two versions), II, III, IV, and Superman II the Donner cut. It also contains all of the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons, a couple of documentaries and of course Superman Returns. That's 14 discs total. All this will probably retail for about $60 when released on November 28, not too steep for all you get. Count me in. If you are reading this Santa, I have been a good boy. Check here for more details.

Also for all those wondering about Superman returns at the box office, it still chugging along at about $30,000 a day on weekdays, even closing in on 200 million, but the road is still uncertain. Will it make it? Only time will tell. I guess it doesn't really matter except for bragging writes and shareholders, as a Superman Returns Sequel is looking likely in 2009.

Superman Returns still needs $1,865,318 to reach $200 Million


Dragulf said...

Why waste your money on this trash? Wait for next summer.

Meanwhile, I love your site m8. Great job!

Chip Chief said...

dragulf, thanks for posting, glad you enjoy the site. :)

what do you mean though, what happens next summer?

Dragulf said...

Why the 3 Spiderman movies in one package! ;p Ya can't pass that up!

I enjoy your Transformers and Spiderman posts the most. Spidey's enemies lists are a fun read. Marvel has all the good characters.

Chip Chief said...

ahh yes, i would love a huge Spider-Man set including the extended version of Spider-Man 2 that Raimi said he was working on when the original Spider-Man 2 dvd came out.

its funny, Superman Returns was supposed to ba an homage to Superman 1 and 2, but it was more of a darker remake. On the other hand, Spider-Man 1 and 2 actually have quite a bit of inspiration from the first two Superman films, and Spidey 3 looks to have some similarities (i dont mean this as an insult) to Superman 3. I think that shows that Raimi could have made a heckuva Superman movie, and that the original Superman films could be updated without all the bastard children and brooding.