06 October 2006

Superheroes on Screen - Cheap DVD Art

When did Photoshop become the tool of choice for big studios making DVD art? Click on these covers and tell me you couldn't have made them yourself at home. Why not just use the theatrical posters? For the most part those are good images, and they are already made, making them even cheaper than attempts. It is a sad state when fan art can easily outshine the real deal.

Speaking of the X-Men 3 DVD, it was a big hit. X-Men and The Little Mermaid were both released on Tuesday "Industry sources peg combined consumer spending on the titles to be more than $80 million, making Tuesday the biggest fourth-quarter opening day in the history of home video." WOW! I also heard a rumor that some X3 DVDs have 10 deleted scenes, and some accidentally got printed with 22, and there is no external way to differentiate. Way to go Fox.

Lastly, it been awhile since the last Superman Returns box office update. Supes expanded into dollar theatres last weekend, and picked up some steam. CK is less than 2 million away from the 200 mil mark. That's a surprise to lots of naysayers.

Superman Returns still needs $943,856 to reach $200 Million

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