13 October 2006

Superheroes on Screen - The Green Surfer & Hulk Smashes Continuity

Here are a couple of pics of the Silver Surfer from the upcoming Fantastic Four sequel. Unfortunately, the effects are yet to be added.

In other green Marvel news, Louis Leterrier, director of The Incredible Hulk confirmed a $120 budget and said it won't be a sequel. He's looking for a "bookish glass-wearing type for Banner" and made no mention of Eric Bana returning for the role.

This kind of makes me sad. If Superman Returns can wedge itself into continuity of a 25 year old series, why can't this Hulk be a sequel. Say what you want about Hulk, but making this a non-sequel will not make the people that hated the first film just forget about it. I guess my biggest worry is that they will feel a need to rehash the origin and all that when really there is no need. Hulk established the character. Let's move on, not start over.

Lastly, Superman Returns is still in theatres and is still seeking that elusive 200 million mark. It looks to have at least a couple weeks still to go, but it should just squeak it out.

Superman Returns still needs $539,908 to reach $200 Million


toast said...

They were filming on the rooftop of a building here in Vancouver. I think this movie is trying to cram way too much into it. I now hear that it will include Frankie Raye and another villain who is sent to find Silver Surfer (my money's on Terrax).

Too big of a story to fit into one movie if you ask me.

Chip Chief said...

i would agree with you. i guess if these parts are just cameos setting up a silver surfer movie, it could work, but the first fantastic four movie was way too rushed. i hope this one has some room to breathe.

toast said...

Here is some info on The Dark Knight that you can post about.


toast said...

Some voices are cast! Have you heard about this?