26 October 2006

Superheroes on Screen - Superman WILL Return Again

Following up on Superman's $200 million box office feat, and wishes for a sequel comes an announcement From IESB.net

With Superman Returns breaking $200 Million domestically and a worldwide gross of over $390 million, Warner Bros. is moving forward with the sequel. ImageWeeks before the DVD has it'’s grandiose release, the IESB has learned that Bryan Singer has finalized a deal to move forward with the sequel this past weekend and the studio is planning to start production sometime next fall, possibly next September. When the IESB contacted a studio rep for comments we got this response - Warner Bros. does not comment on projects that are in development. A few calls later, other studio insiders confirmed that the deal was finalized last week and the team that brought Superman Returns to theaters earlier this year will return for the sequel. Image
We have been told that a couple of things are for certain. For one, the sequel will have a slightly smaller budget. Returns budget was approximately $208 million dollars with P&A (prints and ads) of about $50 million putting it at around $260. The sequel is expected to be around $140-175 million plus marketing.
Second, more action, tons more action is expected this time around.

The studio was quite happy with the way Supes was reintroduced to the world and next time around expect to see him in full action battle mode. WeÂ’ve been told that Superman will have the battle of his life in the sequel and audiences can expect one of the ultimate baddies in the D.C. universe to come to Metropolis to pick a fight with the Man of Steel.

There you have it, so far so good. So who will Mr. Superman face? Could it be Darkseid after all?


van said...

Doomsday, perhaps?

Chip Chief said...

im down with doomsday. too bad they already di that lame seath scene in the last film. i cant really see them doing that again.

RT$ said...

Doomsday would be terrible... Let's hope for a more interesting villain, Darkseid ... Or even Batman?