18 December 2006

Introducing a New Feature - Radar Blips

My loyal readers (both of you),

I don't know what keeps you coming back to this humble blog, but I hope you enjoy my features. Every Tuesday has been Ink Blots day featuring reviews of animated films or shorts. Periodically, I have Superheroes on Screen stories posted as the news come in, and for the most part I have posted a monthly Superheroes on Screen Retrospective focusing on a year in Superhero media. Every Saturday it is time for The Many Foes of Spider-Man which profiles the web-slinger's foes as we count down the time until Spider-Man 3 (Don't despair I already have a plan for the post-SM3 release). For some bloggers, this would be enough. But not for me.

I am developing a new feature to be called Radar Blips. This will probably be a Thursday feature with a small profile of a Sci-Fi or Fantasy film. I say probably, because I welcome your feedback and ideas. What would YOU my readers like to see in this feature? I probably won't have time to write full fledged reviews, but I want to list interesting tidbits about production, budget and box office, and a few thoughts from my brain. So, come back tomorrow for blots, and then on Thursday come check out my first edition of the blips.


tomsaville said...

Just rock it out with whatever you think would be cool. I'll keep coming back to read all the nerdy posts regardless!!! :)

Ben said...

Yes sir Chief, continue as planned. Lovin' what you've done and am excited about what you've got up your mad awesome sleeves. I'm a loyal reader for good.