28 December 2006

Radar Blips - The Abyss

The Year: 1989 (August). The final entry in an unofficial underwater movie trilogy that year including January's Deepstar Six and March's Leviathan

The Players: Directed by James Cameron (Aliens, Titanic), starring Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and some waterlogged rats.

The Take: $54 million

What's an abyss: A big crack in the ocean floor that delves deeper than man can explore without imploding. This particular abyss has something mysterious at the bottom.

Why you should see it: James Cameron creates a tension and claustrophobic mood that began to literally drive the movie cast crazy. This is probably the best underwater film there is, and in addition to watching rats breathe liquid oxygen (this was NOT a special effect, but a scientific reality captured on film), you get to see a woman drown (though not for real). Not least of all, watch it to find out what in that big ocean crack.

The Trailer:

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toast said...

I really like this movie. It kept me on the edge on my seat the whole way through. I am surprised at the number of people who haven't seen it.