21 December 2006

Radar Blips - Krull

The Year: 1983 (July) - 2 months after Return of the Jedi

The Players: Staring Ken Marshal and Lysette Anthony with small roles by a pre-Hagrid Robbie Coltrane and a young Liam Neeson

The Take: A paltry $16.5 million

What's a Krull: Krull is the name of the planet on which all the action takes place

Why you should see it:

The DVD case of this movie boasts the quote from Variety, "Excalibur meets Star Wars. Lavishly mounted." One's reaction to this film will likely hinge on how cool such a "meeting" sounds. This movie has swords that shoot lasers, a cyclops, giant spiders, magic, and aliens that scream when they die. Not least of all, the film has a bladed boomerang-like shuriken called the Glaive that can inflict some serious damage on the enemy Beast. The movie follows the standard quest format, but its quite entertaining. Also, it has a great soundtrack (click here for sample tracks). This is a film that every self respecting geek has to see.

Watch the trailer now:

Krull (Special Edition DVD)

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j said...

Oh, I've definitely seen it. Not sure I'd buy the DVD, but I've seen it.