21 December 2006

Silver Surfer First Look

Here he is from USA Today:

USA Today

22 December 2006

The Silver Surfer surfaces in 'Fantastic Four' sequel

It's surf's up for next year's Fantastic Four sequel.

In June, the Silver Surfer jumps from page to screen in The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

With computer-generated imagery techniques similar to those used to create Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, the slippery Surfer, voiced by Doug Jones, "will look somewhere between gun metal and fluid metallics so you can see the body motion, the breathing, the muscle tone, the mood," says Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad.

The Surfer's mood is key to the story. After striking a deal with the evil Galactus to save his planet, the once-human Surfer wreaks havoc throughout the cosmos. "He is a highly emotional being, trapped inside fluid metal," Arad says.

Audiences will get a first look at the Silver Surfer this weekend in trailers before Night at the Museum.

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rob's troubled friend said...

I wasn't aware that there will be a new sequel? The first one was pretty good, although most people didn't like it. But, something you just have to like a movie for the cheesy special effects and lame story line. It's a no brainer but entertaining at the same time.