08 December 2006

Superheroes on Screen - Battle of the JLAs

When Smallville returns from the winter hiatus, we can expect to see the beginnings of a live-action Justice League featuring Superman, Green Arrow, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. Nice! The word on the street is that before seasons end we may even see the Martian Manhunter and a Gothamite join the ranks. Very nice! And tonight after a lousy "very special episode" of Smallville focusing on the issue of illegal immigration (Superman himself being an undocumented worker) we were rewarded with our first look at the league. I have to say, its a marked improvement over the look of the JLA from the failed 90's pilot. The new costumed are much less puffy. Compare:


tomsaville said...

Wow...it's about time! Though I don't remember Cyborg being in JLA. Wasn't he in Teen Titans?

Also, the second image isn't showing up. uh oh! :)

Chip Chief said...

Yeah, Cyborg is in Teen Titans, but in the world of Smallville, nothing is quite as it should be :)