08 December 2006

TMNT Trailer Power


toast said...

The humans don't quite look how I would have hope they would look. But otherwise this movie is gonna be so great! I've been a TMNT fan for years and I am so glad to see them being given a just treatment. The new cartoon was a good start but I think this movie will start something even bigger.

I'm also glad it's CG and not rubber suits. And I'm pretty sure we won't see them breakdancing to MC Hammer.

Dragulf said...

Ice Ice Baby!

I read the original comics and this is ~ close. Back then the TMNT actualy used their weapons to inflict pain or destroy their enemies.
P.S. Donatello ROCKS!

van said...

It might be worth also linking to the MTV.com vid - you know, so we can actually see things.


Anonymous said...
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