01 July 2006

Spider-Man 3 Trailer and a Couple Spoilers

Did you soak it all in yet? Here is an official link for a better resolution. Also, here are some sweet screen captures of the highlights:

Spider-Man's got some new clothes

The new girl: Bryce Dallas Howard is GWEN STACY

Villain #1: James Franco is HARRY / GREEN GOBLIN

Villain #2: Topher Grace is EDDIE BROCK / VENOM

Villain #3: Thomas Haden Church is FLINT MARKO / SANDMAN

...And a little birdie told me that Villain #4 is a small appearance of [Highlight Spoiler] Bruce Campbell as QUENTIN BECK a.k.a. MYSTERIO [End Spoiler]

Also here are some huge leaked spoilers from a few months back that are appearing to pan out. Read at your own risk, it reveals a lot.

[Highlight Spoilers]

Q1. Who are the villains and how much screentime does each one get? A. Venom,Sandman, and GG2. Sandman is the main one, building up to venom at end. GG has a good amount, though not sure how much time. He's in 2 major battles.

Q2.Does the GG look cool,how much green does he have on him, is his black snow suit have a black hood that covers the top of his head,do the belts on his legs hold pumpkin bombs,is his goggles yellow lens,does he wear gloves of any kind,and why does Harry go with this suit instead of the one his father used? A. He looks cool as an individual idea. But again, nothing remotely goblin like about him except the weapons, glider and some green on him. No hood, the belts hold two swords. One long one on his back, a smaller one on his right leg. Pumpkins bombs are in his glider. Goggles are black. He has a green mouthmask. Gloves are black. No idea why. Possible to make it more to his liking, a way to "improve".

Q3.Does Venom fight in this movie or does he just show up as a cliffhanger?
A. Yes he fights. Again, he will fight Spidey with Sandman at the end, the movie leads up to this "battle royale" at the construction site. GG will also join in the fight, but not on the sides of Ven/San. GG fights with Spidey instead.

A.I've seen the costume of Venom (yes hes in it, but only towards the end) and its extremely cool. Think all black latex with veins all over his upper half, reaching over onto his arms. However the veins also shape into the Spider thats on his chest in the comics (no white). Venom will be a little larger than. spidey. Basically the bad version of spidey. Venom has nasty teeth, no where near exaggerated in the comics. Just really sharp yellow teeth, very fang like, it will be prosthetics. Tongue will be CG.

Q5.I'm kinda confused,does spidey wear the symbiote before Brock gets it?
A.Yes. After his date with MJ, the symbiote clings to his shoe and waits for Parker in his room one night. He then wakes up upside down on the side of a building wearing the symbiote costume.

Q6.If spidey does wear the symbiote,what does it look like exactly?
A.The same costume as blue/red only black with all the scale detail and webbing over it. Not impressive. It looks like this because it stuck onto his old costume then it clung on Peter.

Q7.And how long does he wear the suit? A.For right now, a good chunk since the movie is about Peter and how the symbiote possesses him, and the decisions he has to make.

Q8.Who does he fight with it? A.Sandman, robbers, and Harry

Q9.What makes him take it off? A.Bell Tower.

Q10.What kind of things does Sandman do in this movie power wise?
Grows a lot. Sandstorms. Hand as a sledgehammer and mace. The FX will raise the bar.

Q11.Where do all the fights take place on/at?
A.All over. In the air/Alley, underground subway, armoured truck in the streets, construction site.

Q12.Is there a cliffhanger at the end of this movie? A.Not currently. But there is one scene that leaves questions opened about the return of the symbiote.

Q13.Who does Bruce Campbell play?
A.He has a cameo as somebody named Quentin Beck.

Q14.Where does the symbiote come from?
A.An astroid.

Q15.Does spidey wear his regular red and blue spidey suit in the movie?
Yes. At the beginning and end of the movie.

Q16.Is S-M3 and S-M4 being made back to back?

Q17.Is Venom going to be the villain for S-M4,or is S-M3 going to be it for him?
A.End of the line for Brocks version of Venom, but not the symbiote itself.

Q18.Are there lots of fights/action in this movie?
A.TONS. Four BIG fight sequences. All very fun, and clever. Wont be disappointed in that department. Be prepared for A LOT of fight sequences including a revisit to the subway fight sequence (only underground this time).

Q19. What is that church for?
A.The church sequence is used when Black Symbiote Spidey attempts to tear his suit off by the ringing of the church bell. Unknown to him that right under him in the church Brock is walking in where pieces of the symbiote land on him and then bond with him.

Q20. Do GG2 and Spidey ever face off?
A.Yes. I will mention one fight scene at the beginning of the movie in particular. Harry in full GG Glory first attacks peter, and tosses him into the side of the building. This also where they have a huge airal fight sequence leading to a chase into an alley where (yes as a previous plot spoiler had reported) Harry is knocked out and Peter saves him and brings him to a hospital.

Q21. How much screen time does Dr.Connors have,does he mention anything about lizard experiments?
A. Connors studies the symbiote sample. So we see the inside of his lab. A lot of Lizards references. Q22.Who dies? A. Harry and Aunt May.

[End Spoilers]

30 June 2006

Pajama Party - AG, FE, & Other Comic Elements

Scratch the title Fantastic Four: The Next Chapter and instead read Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer. That's is now the official title of FF2, and it is also a title that will surely bring interest back to the franchise after part 1's lackluster reviews. This could be a new era in superhero films, an era of team-ups. Could we see Green Arrow and Green Lantern? Spider-Man and Daredevil? The Justice League? The Avengers? Wolverine and Hulk? The cool team-up possibilities are practically limitless.

Also, Iron Man has been given a May 2008 opening while Wolverine has been rumored to open as early as next year. Hey, if you can crank out a movie in a couple weeks, why not? And who needs a director anyways. If true, next year could be quite the year for Marvel with Ghost Rider in February, Spider-Man 3 in May, Fantastic Four and the Surfer in June, and Mr Claws some time in there as well (August? November?). All I can say is "Where is DC Comics?"

29 June 2006

Disappearing Ink XIX - Magnetic Rose

Magnetic Rose is the first of three entries in the Memories Anthology. In this 45 minute short film, a space salvage team (aka cosmic garbagemen) answer a distress call in deep space. Two of the astronauts board a ship that once served as home to the Eva, a failed opera singer. Now the ship houses only her ghostly memories, which manipulate and ensnare the two would-be rescuers. The mood is eerie and fantastic, and the pairing of opera music from Madame Butterfly is inspired.

Of course, such thought provoking animated material must have come from abroad. I am pretty sure you could guess that Magnetic Rose hails from Japan. In the spirit of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, Magnetic Rose is not completely straight forward. Multiple viewings offer additional insight and better formed analyses of what occurs onscreen. Overall, Magnetic Rose conjurs an A-.

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26 June 2006

B.O. Derby

Cars made a big move up into 3rd this week. It may not reach my prediction, but it looks to be the top animated film of the year. Click made its debut, and it should probably eke out $100 mil or so. Not sure if that will be enough to keep it in the top 9 though. Superman opens in two days, and it should be fun to see how quickly it can climb in the rankings. I am eager to dump RV, and have already dumped Poseidon from the list even though it should technically still be #7. As for now, X-Men still reign.

Current Rankings:

9) Click - $40,000,000
8) Nacho Libre - $52,659,000
7) RV - $66,852,820
6) The Break-Up - $103,743,000
5) Mission: Impossible III - $131,541,000
4) Over the Hedge - $144,493,000
3) Cars - $155,923,000
2) The Da Vinci Code - $205,539,000
1) X-Men: The Last Stand - $224,064,000

My Top 9 Predictions

9) Lady in the Water - $160,000,000
8) Poseidon - $175,00,0000
7) Mission: Impossible III - $205,000,000
6) Over the Hedge - $220,000,000
5) X-Men: The Last Stand - $225,000,000
4) Cars - $260,000,000
3) The Da Vinci Code - $275,000,000
2) Superman Returns - $325,000,000
1) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest - $350,000,000