14 October 2006

The Many Foes of Spider-Man - the Green Goblin

There is one goblin to rule them all and he is: the Green Goblin.

The first and best-known Green Goblin is the alter ego of industrialist Norman Osborn. A serum that granted Osborn superhuman strength also drove him insane. Osborn wore a green and purple goblin costume and fancied using grenade-like pumpkin bombs and a flying glider.

In a one of Spider-Man's best known stories, the Green Goblin murdered Peter ParkerÂ’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, and was apparently killed in the ensuing battle after his glider malfunctioned. Osborn was believed dead for several years during which time several other characters assumed the Goblin mantle. Norman Osborn was revealed alive in the late 1990's and resumed his role as the Goblin. Recently, he was exposed, arrested, and convicted for his crimes.

After seeing Norman's apparent death, his son Harry, who used drugs to overcome an inferiority complex instilled by his father, became pshycotic and took over the family trade becoming the Green Goblin II.

Harry returned to sanity temporarily, even marrying and taking over his fatherÂ’s company. Eventually, he resumed experimenting with Norman's chemicals and was soon menacing Peter as the Green Goblin once more. The chemicals proved toxic, and after confessing to Spider-Man that Peter would always be his best friend, Harry Osborn died.

Over the years there have been five or six green goblins, depending on how you count them, but the others were basically just gimmicks. The Osborn boys were the real deal.

Villain Profiles:

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the Green Goblin

Spider-Man 3 debuts in 202 days!

Superheroes on Screen - Melting Flesh

The Ghost Rider Blog has been updated with footage of Nic Cage spontaneously combusting. If you like watching flesh burn, or just hate Nic, check it out.

13 October 2006

Superheroes on Screen - The Green Surfer & Hulk Smashes Continuity

Here are a couple of pics of the Silver Surfer from the upcoming Fantastic Four sequel. Unfortunately, the effects are yet to be added.

In other green Marvel news, Louis Leterrier, director of The Incredible Hulk confirmed a $120 budget and said it won't be a sequel. He's looking for a "bookish glass-wearing type for Banner" and made no mention of Eric Bana returning for the role.

This kind of makes me sad. If Superman Returns can wedge itself into continuity of a 25 year old series, why can't this Hulk be a sequel. Say what you want about Hulk, but making this a non-sequel will not make the people that hated the first film just forget about it. I guess my biggest worry is that they will feel a need to rehash the origin and all that when really there is no need. Hulk established the character. Let's move on, not start over.

Lastly, Superman Returns is still in theatres and is still seeking that elusive 200 million mark. It looks to have at least a couple weeks still to go, but it should just squeak it out.

Superman Returns still needs $539,908 to reach $200 Million

10 October 2006

Ink Blots XXXIII - 9

Believe it or not, I was going to review Monsters, Inc. this week. Then I realized that ironically, there really aren't any "monsters" in the film, at least not of the traditional variety. So I went ahead and reviewed a little known short film called 9. I guess it is also debatable if this film has any real monsters in it, but this is my review, and I make the calls. At least, this film is more appropriate for an October scary themed month.

9 was nominated for the Academy Award for the best animated short film in 2005. The 11-minute story is described as follows:

A mechanical beast attacks two rag doll creatures as they scavenge the ruins of their world. After witnessing the death of his mentor, 5, the rag doll, 9, must call on all its courage and confront this vile creature alone. Only through cunning and the use of his primitive technology can 9 hope to destroy the monster and steal the talisman of trapped souls it carries as a trophy.

I really enjoyed this short film. These creepy little burlap sack dudes live in a fascinating world that I would like to see more of, and the animation is superb even though the story is a tad lean. If rumors of a full length adaptation involving Tim Burton are true, count me as very interested. 9 earns a 9 (out of 10) or in grading scale, an A-.

You can check out a clip at the creator Shane Acker's site.